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  • What are the specific advantages of digital printing?
    Digital printing is a new way of printing.It conforms to the current trend of personalization,fashion and ever-changing consumption.It has become the fastest growing field in the printing and dyeing industry in recent years.With the continuous decline in the cost of digital printing machine, the rep
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  • How does the choice of ink determine the work of the printer?
    As an integral part of the printer,ink plays a big role in the output effect. It is important to choose good quality digital printing ink. But it does not mean that as long as you use good quality ink, you can have a good printing effect. It is also necessary to integrate various factors,such as:pri
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  • What is the correct storage method for sublimation ink?
    Sublimation transfer ink is an essential consumable for sublimation printing. If you want it to have a longer service life and lower cost, how to store it correctly is crucial. In addition, the correct storage of sublimation ink can also ensure that the product will not lose its characteristics, thu
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  • What factors will affect the durability of DTF printing?
    February 14 is a wonderful day to surprise your lover. As a manufacturer of digital DTF printing machines, Subicool will provide you with DTF printing solutions. We tell you a few unique Valentine's Day gifts that are very suitable for design. The principle of DTF printing is simple. In short, it is
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  • What kind of business can you start with UV printing?
    The current printing business is not easy to do, and many people are thinking about how to start a sideline business. Now the UV flatbed printers on the market are loved by many people because of their wide range of printing materials, relatively large printing format, and large audience. Although a
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