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What factors will affect the durability of DTF printing?

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You can print pictures on fabric in a number of ways. DTF (direct to film) printing is currently the more popular method of printing on garments. While this method produces high-quality images, the post-print shelf life of the images is an important consideration. So, are DTF printed images durable?

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In some cases,DTF film printer image life will be longer.The term "long-lasting" means that the image retains its vitality and resists fading, peeling or cracking. Overall, many variables affect the duration of an image on fabric.

Printing method. Printing techniques vary with the duration of the image. DTF is usually longer due to the ink being able to be seen through the fabric.

The quality of the ink. Not all inks are created equal. The better the ink used for printing, the longer the image will last.

Printer performance. The lifespan of printed images is affected by the quality of the printer. Some printers are designed to be fast enough to produce large quantities of garments. But due to faster production, quality may suffer. Before purchasing a printer, consider your printing goals.

Fabric type.DTF printing works on almost any fabric. Since synthetic fabrics such as polyester are less prone to fading than cotton. So a DTF image on cotton may fade faster than an image on polyester.

Cleaning method. No matter how an image is printed, washing will affect the life of the image. The more a garment is washed, the more faded it becomes. Using mild cleansers, especially those designed to reduce fading, can help your images last longer. Hand washing may even be a better option for resisting fading.

If you want to create multiple styles of printed garments, a DTF printer might be the best way to print for you. Ink and equipment quality are the most important factors when printing long-lasting images. Subilcool provides high quality DTF printers and DTF inks,welcome to purchase.

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