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What is the correct storage method for sublimation ink?

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Sublimation transfer ink is an essential consumable for sublimation printing. If you want it to have a longer service life and lower cost, how to store it correctly is crucial. In addition, the correct storage of sublimation ink can also ensure that the product will not lose its characteristics, thus affecting the printing quality.

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Store the inventory away from the sun

Most dye sublimation inks are water-based. Therefore, if they are exposed to the sun, the heat will cause the water to evaporate, making the ink thicker. The use of thick sublimated ink will damage the printer nozzle, and the print quality may also be affected. In addition, the ultraviolet energy carried by the sunlight will also cause the chemical decomposition of the ink material. This will cause the ink to fade, and you will have to replace the stock in advance.

Keep sublimation ink in a closed container

You should keep the sublimation ink in a sealed container.Dye sublimation inks will dry if exposed to the air, which may cause them to be unsuitable for use. In addition, exposure to the air will also cause some bacteria to grow in your ink. These bacteria can naturally degrade ink materials. It is a good idea to keep the original packaging and use it when storing sublimation ink. But if you discard it carelessly, you can store the ink in a sealed plastic bottle. These bottles are easy to buy in local stores.

Keep batches separate!

Usually, in order to save space, some people mix the old sublimation ink with a new batch of ink. And store them in the same bottle. This practice must be avoided. First of all, the old ink may soon expire. Mixing it with the new ink will shorten the shelf life of the product. Secondly, if the old batch of ink is contaminated, mixing it with the new batch of ink will also pollute other products.

Proper storage of sublimation inks will enable you to use them for a longer time while maintaining high-quality printing. Subicool provides high quality sublimation ink. Please feel free to contact us if you need.

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