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What kind of business can you start with UV printing?

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The current printing business is not easy to do, and many people are thinking about how to start a sideline business. Now the UV flatbed printers on the market are loved by many people because of their wide range of printing materials, relatively large printing format, and large audience. Although a machine can print many products, it is not enough to start a business, let alone make money. As a newcomer in the printing industry, we cannot neglect to choose a more suitable industry. Therefore, it is best to choose an industry that you are familiar with and interested in. So, which industries are UV printing services suitable for? Today, Sublicool will tell you which businesses are more profitable to buy UV printers.

What kind of business can you start with UV printing?

Personalized customized products

Private customization is now the preferred business of many entrepreneurs. Because the investment in private customized products only needs one machine, such as an A3 UV printer. Small UV flatbed printers are also relatively easy to use, and the market is relatively large. Therefore, novices generally start UV printing services from private custom clothing. Relatively speaking, the cost is lower and the return comes faster.

Advertising printing industry UV printing services

This is the most widely used UV printing business. After all, the number of advertising shops, advertising companies, and market audiences is the most extensive. Although there is no shortage of orders, profits are relatively low due to fierce competition in advertising printing. This industry is the main direction of many large UV printing machines. Because the format is wide, there are many nozzles, and the printing speed is fast. What's more, the business does not have high requirements for patterns, so it is more appropriate to buy a large UV printer to do business.

Leather UV printing

Various patterns are printed on the leather surface, thereby increasing the added value and profit of the original product. For example, you can use a UV printer to print any pattern that the customer wants on the leather bag. This can instantly increase the price of a product.

UV printing service for handicraft industry

This is mainly reflected in the dazzling array of small objects in the commodity market. Combs, hair clips, packaging boxes, wine bottles, decorative paintings, etc... Hundreds of materials can be printed with UV flatbed printers.

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