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World Cup gift customization? DTF printer can easily complete

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The 2022 Qatar World Cup is in full swing, and teams from 32 countries around the world are competing fiercely. This international event held every four years attracts the attention of countless people and is also a grand festival for many football fans. Fans from all over come to Qatar to cheer on their country or their favorite football team. The national flags and slogans of each participating team, as well as various commemorative jerseys, scarves, pillows, etc..These are all hot-selling products during this period.

Among them, various commemorative jerseys,scarves, and pillows are mainly produced by digital printing.The printing of various patterns is suitable for DTF jersey printing machine,which is high in efficiency and low in cost.DTF printer is a printer that can print patterns on clothing cloth.DTF printers are easy to operate, and one person can operate multiple devices.It has no requirements for the order quantity, and one can be ordered at least.Whether it is proofing or large quantities, it can be completed quickly.The printed colors are vivid, delicate and realistic,and can easily achieve photo-level effects.Moreover, the washing fastness of the printed pattern reaches above grade 3, and the stretching does not deform. DTF printing completely subverts the cumbersome process of traditional printing and printing, and only needs to provide high-definition picture files when printing patterns. The whole process is operated by computer software, saving time, effort and worry.

If you are also an avid football fan, or also fascinated by the World Cup, you would like to buy the same gift. You might as well use a DTF printer to customize a World Cup souvenir exclusively for you.Sublicool provides high quality DTF printers and provides a complete DTF printing solution. Everyone is welcome to come and inquire.

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