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Will DTF printing become more and more popular?

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DTF printing is to use computer to color the printed pattern in real time. A new printing technology that uses a DTF printer to print the pattern on the transfer film, and finally transfers it to the fabric. DTF printing is characterized by fast response and strong coordination. Especially suitable for small batch production and personalized printing.

At this stage, DTF printing machines are in a stage of rapid development. Many enterprises use DTF printers to make samples and carry out a large number of garment processing. This saves the more complicated whole process of color printing and plate making, and requires less materials, low cost and short cycle.In addition,there are some small sized printing companies trying to use small format DTF printers for production. They need more orders for small batch production, DTF printing can also meet this need. Nowadays, the field of DTF printing is also relatively extensive, the most common ones are clothing, T-shirts, outdoor products, home textiles and other fields.

With the continuous improvement of international environmental protection laws and regulations,it is an inevitable development trend that traditional printing needs to be changed. This means that there is still a lot of room for improvement and development potential in DTF printers. Compared with the traditional printing machine, the DTF printing machine saves the whole process of traditional screen making and washing. The working environment is clean and tidy, which greatly reduces the generation of chemical wastewater. There is also no need for many production line workers, saving labor costs. With the development trend of the times,people's requirements for humanization are getting higher and higher.And DTF T-shirt printing machines are products suitable for social development trends.

DTF printing technology is constantly improving and optimizing, and its cost performance will become higher and higher. With the rapid development of the entire digital printing field, the market share of DTF printers will be greatly increased.

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