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Why is the automatic DTF printer more economical?

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Traditional printing methods require a lot of labor to support each step of printing. But now the new DTF printer only needs one person to complete the operation. Because DTF printing has been fully mechanized, it does not require much manual intervention.So, why do fully automatic DTF printers save more materials? Let's discuss it together.

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In fact, DTF printers are easy to operate and have high stability. Its control panel is simple and easy to understand. One-button operation can automatically position and precisely control the lifting. This also makes the printing process easier to operate. In addition, the whole printing process is controlled by computer, printing on demand and reducing consumption. 

After inputting the size of the pattern to be printed, the printer will operate in accordance with the instructions issued by the computer. No ink is wasted in the whole process, so there is no waste water and waste. The DTF printing process not only saves the loss of consumables, but also simplifies the printing process.

DTF printers can not only save materials, but also achieve environmental protection.Reduce noise and reduce pollution during the printing process.The printing process is directly controlled by the computer,and there is no noise during the printing process.Because the ink required by the printer does not contain chemical elements such as color paste.Therefore, a pollution-free green printing production process can directly realize.

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