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Why does DTF printing overturn the garment printing market?

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DTF printing is a relatively simple and personalized printing process. It completely subverts the traditional printing process and has a huge impact on the garment printing industry. Under the background of current informatization and networking, countries all over the world gradually recognize and respect the DTF printing technology. And think it is the future development direction of the garment printing industry. Therefore, more and more DTF printers are put into the garment printing market.

DTF printers first brought changes in the production mode of enterprises. It only needs to be connected to a computer to print various pictures and images at will, and the mode and effect can be modified at any time. Printing is convenient and fast, and can also be ordered to meet the needs of personalized customization. You can always feed back market trends, keep up with the trend of the times, and never lag behind any clothing printing company.

DTF printers have promoted the transformation of corporate profit models. Traditional printing machines need to be run at least a quarter in advance to meet seasonal demand. Due to time constraints, the production of products may not meet the needs of the public and market trends, which will cause a lot of inventory pressure. The DTF printing machine has no worries in this regard. This printing mode can quickly respond to market demand and produce finished products in five minutes without inventory pressure at all.

Relatively speaking, the production process of traditional textile printing machines is more complicated, time-consuming and laborious. Traditional textile printing uses screens to color one after the other, with more colors requiring more screens. But even with multiple screens, the printed pattern is rather monotonous. It basically takes more than 4 months from production to sales, of which 1-2 months are needed to make the screen version. It requires too much manpower, time and energy, and it also requires a lot of water to clean after production. Not only waste water resources, but also produce pollution.

DTF printing reduces the waste water output caused by cleaning in the printing process, saves 80% of waste water and waste, and meets the needs of clean production. DTF makes the garment printing industry more scientific, environmentally friendly, fast and diversified.

The clothing printing industry has undergone earth-shaking changes due to the emergence of DTF printing. More and more clothing printing manufacturers have also noticed this business opportunity. After vigorous publicity, the products of direct to film printers have become an indispensable garment printing process in the market.

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