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Why choose original ink for DTF printing?

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In DTF printing, ink is an important consumable. The use of the quality of ink directly affects the color effect of the printer. High quality ink can improve the effect and quality of printing.Therefore,many manufacturers are cautious when selecting DTF printing ink.

At present,there are different brands DTF printers and many different inks on the market.For example,the ingredients of ink preparation materials,production and manufacturing processes, etc.

As a manufacturer in DTF printing for many years,Sublicool recommends that you use original ink.When purchasing ink,be sure to purchase the original ink from the manufacturer.Keep in mind,don't buy inferior ink by mistake for cheap.We must pay attention to the principle that every penny is worth every penny.The use of poor quality ink is harmful to the printer. As a result, trying to get cheap for a while can damage the print head.

Low quality ink has poor smoothness and large ink particles. Therefore,it is easy to block and seriously damage the print head of the printer.Furthermore,the color difference between the printing color and the original image is large.Consequently,the image deviation affects the overall effect of the drawing.Bear in mind,these are very typical cases of penny wise and pound foolish! Rejection of inferior ink must start now!

Sublicool DTF textile ink has excellent color fastness to washing,light fastness and bright colors.In addition,The printing of the ink is also very smooth.The products meet the environmental requirements of various countries.If you need, please contact us!

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