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Why are print heads important for DTF printers?

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DTF printers have two most important accessories. The first one is the mainboard. The mainboard is an accessory that controls the entire printing task and normal operation of the entire printer. The second is the print head of the printer. The nozzle of the printer plays a key role in the printing task. The quality of the printed product is determined by the print head.

As the most important part of the DTF Digital Printers, the print head plays a decisive role in the selection of the DTF printer. The type of print head determines the accuracy of printing, the amount of ink ejected, the speed of printing, etc. The selection of the print head should comprehensively consider the type of printing fabric,cost estimation,production efficiency requirements and other factors.In addition,the cost and durability of the replacement head should also be considered as the main accessory.

High-precision printing technology makes the DTF printing effect higher. The print head of the printer can also determine the quality of the printing effect and the vividness of the printing color. Therefore, choosing high-precision nozzles has a great effect on DTF Heat Transfer Printing Machines. A good printing product is often inseparable from a good print head accessories.


The speed of the DTF printer has a decisive relationship with the print head. Take double print heads and four print heads as an example, because four print heads have twice as many channels as double. So the theoretical maximum speed of the four print heads is twice the speed of the double print heads. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the print head of the DTF printer and the printing speed.

Sublicool DTF printers have been using Epson 4720 and I3200 print heads. The main advantage of the Epson print head is that it has very high precision and can print more product patterns. Friends must consider the accuracy of the nozzle and the cost when choosing the printing equipment that suits them. This is more conducive to your ability to complete the printing order on time.

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