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Why are DTF printer prices so different?

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For those who have just entered the DTF printing industry, they will definitely worry about choosing a suitable DTF printer. This is because there are too many DTF pet film printers in the market at different prices. So why do printer prices vary so much? There are roughly four reasons as follows.

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1. Different manufacturers adopt different pricing.

Different DTF printer manufacturers have different reputations and brands. Manufacturers with high brand awareness and good reputation will naturally have higher prices for their DTF printers.

2. Different manufacturers have different machine quality levels.

In addition, the quality of machines from different manufacturers is not the same. Even for machines of the same model and configuration. Different manufacturers produce them, and their quality varies greatly. A good quality machine must have good raw materials, good parts, and of course strict assembly and excellent quality inspection. The superimposed effect of any link is that money piles up like a mountain. Therefore, the price of a high-quality DTF printer is naturally higher.

3. Even with the same configuration, different manufacturers' machines produce different printing results.

For machines of the same model and same configuration. Even if you print the same picture, different manufacturers' machines will print different results. Everyone likes good things, but DTF printing machines with good results are naturally more expensive.

4. Different manufacturers have different operating expenses.

There are many factors that affect plant operating costs. Such as rent, labor, efficiency, quality, raw materials, etc. These costs are ultimately passed on to consumers. therefore. DTF printers are naturally more expensive for factories with higher operating costs.

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