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Why Printing And Dyeing Industry Choose Digital Printing Machine?

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In recent years,digital printing has become a hot topic in the textile printing and dyeing industry Digital printing machine is a new printing production mode.It has been developed for decades.Now,it is the main production force of more and more printing and processing enterprises.Why is digital printing so popular in the industry? Sublicool will analyze it for you today.

At present,the global environmental awareness is rising.At the same time,the national environmental protection requirements are also gradually improving.The traditional printing process with high pollution and high energy consumption is facing a huge crisis.Its market space is gradually shrinking.At this time, the advantages of digital printing technology emerges.It can effectively reduce energy consumption,and the production process is environmentally friendly.Therefore,this technology has a more prominent position in the market.

As an important part of the printing and dyeing industry, the printing industry must be in the forefront of the industry. It implements the basic concept of environmental protection and uses innovative technologies to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.The appearance of digital printing just provides conditions for the green production of printing.

At present,the internal industry of the textile industry constantly adjusts.In addition to the impact of the epidemic, many printing plants are faced with production stoppage.Many people worry about the future of the textile printing industry.Digital printing has attracted wide attention.

1. Bright color and clear pattern

High printing accuracy,rich colors,natural transition and clear patterns.

2. Personalized customization

No version,flexible batch,no patterns limit.Modify images at will,and single production or batch production can be realized for fast delivery.

These advantages are enough to make digital printing outstanding on the current market.Sublicool provides digital sublimation printer of different widths.Welcome to purchase and inquire.

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