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Why DTF printers are preferred for digital printing at present?

Views: 4     Author: Sublicool     Publish Time: 2022-11-22      Origin: Site

DTF printing technology is not only the combination of digital technology and printing technology, but also a revolutionary breakthrough in the traditional printing industry. Under the background of digitalization and networking, it represents the technical development direction of the printing industry in the future.

The traditional screen printing process is relatively complicated and not suitable for small batch production. DTG printing is relatively simple, and the printing pattern is realistic and beautiful. However, DTG printing has relatively large restrictions on fabrics and can only be used on pure cotton fabrics or fabrics with high cotton content.DTF printer pet film printers have a wide range of applications and can basically be used on any fabric. Therefore, DTF printing has become a more popular printing technology in the clothing printing market.

Now the development trend of textiles is personalization, small batches, and multiple varieties, leaving less and less fabric printing production. It is difficult for traditional printing equipment and technology to meet the production requirements of short cycle and small batch. So Sublicool launched new type 24 inch DTF printer and 30cm DTF printer to meet the needs of the current personalized market.

This new technology breaks away from the traditional simulation methods of printing color separation, film production, and screen production. It is easy to operate, high in efficiency, and has the advantages of low investment and high return. It has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the textile printing and dyeing industry. At the same time, it has also brought huge influence and changes to the sales concept and operation mode of the textile and clothing industry.

Because DTF printers have very broad development prospects, some printing companies at home and abroad have realized on-site processing and marketing. On-site design, on-site processing, finished products in five minutes, and personalized clothing for consumers. They can not only make clothing, but also customize tourist souvenirs, paintings, etc., and have achieved good economic benefits. DTF printing is a product of the new era, and it is also a representative process of the new era, and it is also the starting point for printing technology to science and technology.

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