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Why DTF printer is "fast"?

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Different from traditional printing, DTF printing has the characteristics of small batch and strong individuality.However,there are also defects such as slow printing speed, high ink cost and price, and poor color accuracy. However, judging from the development trend in recent years, DTF printing equipment has been greatly improved. Generally speaking,Its advantages are just one word -- "fast". As far as Sublicool DTF printer is concerned, the "fast" mainly reflects in three aspects.

Sublicool DTF Printer

First of all, DTF printers’ printing speed is fast. The 24 inch DTF printer has two Epson print heads.Thus,the printing speed can reach up to 30 square meters per hour. It not only ensures the speed of printing, but also ensures the accuracy and quality of printing. In this way, businesses can seize orders at the first time to meet business needs.

Second,the return on investment of DTF printing is fast. In the field of digital printing, DTF printers are cheaper. You only need to purchase printers and supporting consumables to start your business. One person can complete the operation process, greatly saving labor costs. As the result,This is a great choice for your home business.

Finally, the market response of DTF printers is fast. DTF printing does not need to wait for a few days like traditional clothing printing process plate making. By the time the product is produced, the time to explode has long passed.Pet Film T-shirt DTF Printers are able to quickly print samples, which can increase your business' responsiveness to orders. DTF printing machine can produce finished product in five minutes.It can completely achieve the effect of timely production.

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