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Which kind of digital printer can meet the needs of large and small Business production?

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At present, DTF printers are still in the developing stage. Many large printing and dyeing factories still use traditional rotary screen and flat screen printing machines for proofing and batch printing. This printing method will take a long time for proofing and consume a lot. However, many manufacturers have begun to choose DTF printers for printing and proofing. 24 inch DTF printer can save the complicated process of color separation and plate making, with less material consumption, low cost, short cycle and less waste. Proofing only takes five minutes to produce the finished product, no need to wait, and the operation is simpler and more environmentally friendly.

In addition, some small and medium-sized printing and processing enterprises are also trying to use DTF printers. This kind of manufacturers need to print more small batches of goods, and the general order is about a few square meters. DTF printing can save the design on the DTF film, and print as much as you need. Therefore, this printing method perfectly matches the manufacturers that produce according to customer needs. Therefore,30cm A3 DTF printers have also become the first choice for many small and medium-sized businesses. DTF printing technology is widely used in the clothing printing industry, mainly including clothing, sweaters, T-shirts, scarves, pillows, shoes, hats, school bags, home textiles and other industries. Its products cover almost every aspect of daily life.

DTF printers can meet both mass production and small batch production. A machine is a production line, which can meet different order requirements. It can be printed in one piece, and it can also meet the requirements of mass custom printing. The continuous development of society has promoted the improvement of people's consumption level and quality of life. People's personalized requirements are getting higher and higher, and DTF printers are suitable for the development of the times. With the continuous improvement of technology, Sublicool 2022 DTF printers are getting closer to the international advanced level, and the cost performance is getting higher and higher. With the vigorous development of the entire garment printing industry, DTF printers also have more room for development.

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