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What should we pay attention to when using sublimation ink?

Views: 1     Author: Sublicool     Publish Time: 2022-12-23      Origin: Site

Sublimation printer ink is an indispensable consumable in the printing process.So,what should we pay attention to in the process of using ink?Sublicool summarizes some methods for user reference.

When using sublimation printer inks,users cannot mix different types of inks.Such as water-based ink and eco-solvent ink.The main component of solvent ink is organic solvent.If it mixes with water-based ink,it will clog the printer's ink system and nozzles.If the user accidentally adds the wrong ink to the sublimation printer,then you should clean the entire ink circuit.Users also need to replace the damper.If cleaning is not complete,you need to replace the entire ink supply system.Therefore, users must not mix different types of inks.

In addition,You can’t mix sublimation printing inks of different brands.Different manufacturers’chemical composition,fluency,dryness will be different.Using different printers will produce different results.Mixing inks of different brands will affect the quality of printed images.In addition,severe cases will also cause nozzle blockage and shorten the life of the nozzle.

In general,it is the most important to select the appropriate sublimation transfer ink.Sublicool specializes in producing high quality sublimation inks at reasonable prices.Customers are welcome to purchase.

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