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​What's the best A3 DTF printer?

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In today's society, personalization of clothing is a very good market. Nowadays, the public's demand for aesthetics and personalization of clothing is getting higher and higher. There are endless fashionable clothing brands with various printing patterns. As long as the quality is passed, there is no need to worry about no sales. Now more and more garment printing merchants use DTF printing to print. As small as a customized service for individual merchants, as large as mass customization of group cultural shirts. Considering the limited space and budget of start-up entrepreneurs, Sublicool, which has been engaged in digital printing equipment for 13 years, solemnly launched a desktop-level mini white ink heat transfer printing machine with an area of less than 1 square meters, which brings more reliable to ordinary entrepreneurs.

This A3 mini DTF printer launched by Sublicool has a small footprint and high cost performance. It integrates printing, dusting, drying and automatic winding. The production speed is fast, the fastest printing speed can reach 9m2/h per hour.The accuracy can reach the photo level, realistic and delicate.No need to stroke, full hollow.No engraving, bright colors, good printing effect, good color fastness, washable, printing Fine. White ink circulation system is installed, no nozzle blockage. Any fabric and any color can be printed, matching powder shaker automatically shakes powder.Low labor cost, fast and uniform powder shaking,clean powder without residue.Sprinkle After the powder is dried, the hot-melt powder is dried, and the pattern is dried, and the color is bright.

This DTF printer is small but powerful, and the print quality is not inferior. This A3 desktop DTF printer will surely inject a new development impetus into the garment printing and printing market. One person and one device can form a small processing factory, which will greatly reduce the threshold for personalized clothing customization, allowing more and more consumers Customize clothing with all kinds of patterns as you like.It fills the gap in the demand for personalized customization in small batches, and this equipment is very convenient to transport and move, and the weight of the whole machine is only 28Kg. Moreover, it occupies a small area, which also makes its processing place more flexible and changeable. It can even be directly moved to the site for printing when setting up a stall in the market. The effect is intuitive, and it can get the attention of more customers.

Sublicool provides professional printing solutions based on the needs of customers in all directions. Professionals provide one-to-one service before and after sales. Customers in need are welcome to consult and understand!

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