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What is the application fields of sublimation printer?

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As a mainstream digital printing solution,sublimation digital printing has naturally become the choice of most entrants.So, what makes the sublimation inkjet printer so popular in the industry? Sublicool will share with you the application fields of sublimation printing machine.

Applicable materials:

The exquisite pictures printed by the sublimation printer can be perfectly restored to the fabric by heat transfer printing. Almost all fabrics that can be heat transferred are suitable. Such as polyester,chemical fiber,chiffon,crepe,polyester cotton and so on.

Unlike traditional printing and dyeing processes,digital printing does not require plate making.This technology measures, matches and prints by computer with up to 16.7 million colors.Therefore,it breaks through the limitations of traditional printing and dyeing techniques.It really realizes high-precision printing of various colors.

Scope of application:

Sublimation digital printing products involve all kinds of clothing,silk scarves,bed sheets,carpets,etc.In addition, many industries such as home textiles,personalized items and characteristic printing and dyeing also have its presence.

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