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What industries are UV printing used in?

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Nowadays,personalized customization has become a must-have skill in various production industries.When it comes to the custom printing industry,we have to talk about UV printing. As a leader in digital printing, UV DTF printers can print ink directly on the surface of materials without limitation of materials and patterns. 

UV flated printer

After UV printing, an ordinary product can instantly increase its value.So,what is the application of UV flatbed printers in various industries?

1. Mobile phone decoration industry

Firstly,very common applications are mobile phone casings, notebook casings,and personalized color printing. UV printing technology makes the product unique and different in the industry!

2. Stationery and toy industry

Children are the treasures of the family and they have more pursuit of beauty than adults.Therefore, whether it is baby stationery or toys, we all pursue uniqueness. With a UV printer, no matter it is a plush toy or a color brush, they can take it home!

3. Handicraft industry

Such as ceramic printing, art photos, and shell, crystal, and other handicraft printing. The high profits of art products attract many manufacturers.Coincidentally,UV flatbed printers can help us to add the finishing touch to products and increase the added value of products.

4. Decoration industry

Many decorations now use UV printing. UV printers can process hard materials such as tiles and glass to make home decoration more personalized.

5. Advertising industry

The billboards used to mark the guidelines are also a masterpiece of UV printing.Generally,billboards are composed of text and patterns,and play the role of advertisements and instructions.The processing of UV printers makes these signs more environmentally friendly and durable.Generally speaking,it can be said that the production of personalized signs depends on it.

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