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​What do you need to prepare before starting DTF printing business?

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When you are ready to start the DTF printing business, you will encounter various problems that need to be solved. Today, let's take a closer look at what preparations you need to make?

Step 1 Select a place of business

Choosing a workplace for printing is the first step. The DTF printer covers less than 5 square feet With space for printing consumables and printing materials, you only need a small studio to start.

Step 2 Equipment and Consumables

Once we have a place of business, we need to select DTF printers and required consumables.

Generally, we will provide a complete set to meet the needs of customers, including:

1. DTF pet film printer(with powder shaking machine)

2. Heat press machine

3. Consumables (PET film, hot melt powder, DTF ink)

Step 3 Prepare the printing media

Next, we will purchase printing fabric media. Mainly made of pure cotton, the most common is black or white T-shirt. Comparing with the traditional printing method, its biggest advantage is that it does not require tedious pre-processing of T-shirts.

DTF printing is not printing on transfer paper, but on special PET film. The printer will first print a full color image as the first layer, and then print a full white layer at the top. Compared with other printing methods, DTF printing is more durable. The printing effect is soft and comfortable.

Step 4 Installation and commissioning

After DTF machine and printing materials are in place, we need to install and test the printing effect. Please contact our technical consultants for details of this step, and they will provide you with the most professional guidance. In addition, you can also get our pattern samples for printing test free of charge. If you encounter any problems, our professional service team will also help you solve them in a timely manner.

After completing the above four steps, you can start your DTF printing business If you still don't know which brand of DTF printer and consumables to choose, you can purchase them in Sublicool. Sublicool has the newest 24 inch DTF printer, 30cm A3 DTF printer and all the consumables needed for printing. The quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales service will also satisfy you

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