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What do you need to pay attention to when selecting ink for printing machine?

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The problem of how to choose sublimation transfer ink is often a problem for most beginners of heat transfer printing. There are too many transfer inks produced in different countries on the market, and different brands will have different characteristics. Therefore, if not carefully selected, it may have a great impact on the quality of printing, and even the printing equipment will suffer from certain losses. This article will take you to quickly understand what aspects of heat transfer ink should be selected.

First of all, the finished products made by the dye sublimation printer are in close contact with everyone, so when choosing the sublimation ink for sublimation printer, you must choose the ink that is environmentally friendly, odorless, and free of harmful substances.

Secondly, the ink cannot be faded when printed on the fabric, so it is necessary to choose the ink with moisture-proof and good color fastness. The color fastness includes water washing fastness, dry coating fastness, soaping fastness, etc. It is also a key criterion for considering printing efficiency.

There is also fluency. The sublimation ink should be nano-filtered with less residue in the ink. Adjust the main physical and chemical parameters according to the printer, so as to ensure long-term continuous printing. Fluency is the basic quality assurance of ink. Poor fluency means that ink will be broken in the whole printing process, endangering the efficacy of the final product. Whether the printing color of the finished product is gorgeous or not, and whether it can reach or even exceed the color that traditional printing can mainly express, is also a key standard to consider sublimation ink.

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