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What can you print with a DTF printer?

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If you want to know more about DTF(direct to film)printing technology, let's talk about the versatility of DTF printing and which fabrics it can print on.

1. Polyester

The print on polyester is bright and vivid. This synthetic fabric has a wide range of uses, including sportswear, casual wear, swimwear, outerwear, and lining. They are also easy to clean. In addition, DTF printing does not require pre-processing like DTG.

2. Cotton

Compared with polyester, cotton fabric is more comfortable to wear. Therefore, they are popular choices for clothing and household items, such as decorative pads, bedding, children's clothing.

3. Silk

Silk is a typical protein fiber and a natural strong fiber. Because of its excellent tensile strength, it can withstand great pressure.DTF pet film printer can print scarves and other accessories on silk fabrics, which are not popular among people.

4. Leather

DTF printing is also suitable for leather and PU leather! It is durable and looks beautiful in color. Leather has many uses, including making bags, belts, clothing and shoes.

DTF printing can apply many more materials. What they have in common is that the printed product is stretchable and does not break. In terms of fabric selection, DTF process is superior to all other printing technologies.

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