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What aspects of digital printing machines need daily maintenance?

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As the mainstream production mode of textile printing, digital printing machine has been widely accepted by the industry market.Its super high production efficiency has brought huge profit space to the printing factory.Therefore, manufacturers should cherish this good thing.The sublimation printer is highly efficient,so its daily maintenance cannot be ignored. 

Timely maintenance can effectively reduce the damage rate of the machine.Thus,it can reduce production costs and bring more benefits.

Print platform check:

Do not place other items on the printing platform to avoid scratching and damaging the print head.

Ink stack:

Always keep it clean because the ink cartridge is an accessory in direct contact with the print head.


Observe whether there is dust stain on the grating,and do not clean up the inconspicuous dust stain.When cleaning,it is better to use a white cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe.The cleanliness and position change of the grating will affect the movement of the car and the printing effect.


Regularly check whether the filter is blocked,and clean and replace it in time.


Regularly check the nozzle and its surroundings for debris accumulation and clean them up.Clean the nozzle with a cotton swab dipped in cleaning solution to avoid affecting the cleaning effect.


Make sure that the ink cartridge is full.To avoid damage and blockage of the nozzle after use.

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