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What are the precautions before installing a DTF printer?

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DTF printer is a kind of printing machine with high productivity and hot sales.Up to now,many users have purchased DTF printers from Sublicool.The machines are delivered from our factory and then transported to the customer's location for installation. What problems should customers pay attention to before installing?Sublicool DTF printer manufacturer summarize some tips for your reference.

1. First,after receiving the DTF printer,the user should check the integrity of the printer appearance.In order to avoid unnecessary damage to the DTF printer during transportation and affect the printing work.

2.After opening the package,it is necessary to check whether relevant accessories of DTF printer are complete.

3.Select the installation environment for the DTF printer.For example,whether the power supply voltage, room temperature and air are stable and normal.Also,try to avoid placing the printer in a dusty place.

4.Be careful to prepare the printer ground wire in advance.If you have the conditions,you'd better prepare the relevant power regulator for the DTF printer.

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