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What are the main sales channels of DTF printing products?

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Nowadays, DTF printing technology is constantly maturing and developing.The popularity of DTF printing products is increasing,and its market application fields are very extensive.So what are the main channels with good sales in recent years?

According to DTF printing process, it is mainly used in some fields of personalization, small batch, quick response and high environmental protection requirements. The current market positioning takes into account the production cost and technical characteristics of DTF printing, mainly in the following areas:

1. Garment design and printing

In the process of clothing design, many fashion designers can only grasp the design of clothing styles. However, the pattern design of fashion fabrics often passively selects the ready-made pattern fabrics in the market. Generally speaking, it is generally difficult to find patterned fabrics that fully match your design style and creativity. In this case, it is difficult to accurately express one's own design style, especially for some highly personalized fashion, it may be difficult to achieve the desired effect with existing fabrics. However, the emergence of DTF printing just makes up for this defect. You can choose the fabric you want, and then design the pattern that needs to be printed on the computer. The DTF printing film for t shirt printer will print the pattern on the garment, and finally, you can make different attempts according to the printing effect.

2. Personalized souvenirs and craft gifts

The characteristics of DTF printing make it possible to print various high-definition patterns on various textile fabrics. Printing landscape photos and world famous paintings on textiles like this undoubtedly expands the field of textile printing products. This app also allows us to keep a local souvenir no matter where we go. All over the world, various tourist souvenirs printed by DTF have reached a certain scale.

3. House decoration and home textiles

The development of DTF printing technology makes the production of textiles directly facing the personal consumption market. Designers can design decorative textiles for clients while providing house decoration designs. Through roll pet film DTF printer, realize the real "personalized home" and realize "one-to-one" on-demand production.

4. Other special fields

DTF printing can meet some special fields, such as company clothing, class clothing, etc. This field has small batches, high requirements, and short production cycles. In addition, with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the production prospects of green textiles are also very broad.

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