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UV printing is more and more widely used

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In the printing industry,the biggest advantage of UV printers lies in their extremely wide range of applications.UV printers can print on glass,ceramics,stainless steel,aluminum products, and acrylic plates.In addition,the surface of plastic,leather, stone,crystal and other materials can also be printed.The wide range of applications makes UV printing shine in advertising,building materials,packaging,handicrafts and other fields.Unlike traditional printing methods that require special paper and special specifications.UV printing technology is a leap forward.

Sublicool UV DTF printer

UV printers can print high-quality images on a variety of materials such as tiles, marble, wood, and even walls. It gives colorful content and creativity to home and store decoration.

In addition, UV printers can also print metal signs, acrylic, glass, wood, etc. This makes it useful for outdoor advertising, road signs and monograms.

UV DTF printers can also print digital images on materials. It blends image styles with articles.This approach makes the traditional decoration method of sandwiching an image between glass and hard board obsolete.

Because of UV printing wide range of applications,it has become the favorite of companies doing the printing business. Sublicool provides flatbed UV DTF printer for customers.Welcome to inquire.

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