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UV printing - The rising printing technology

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With the development of digital printing, personalized design is increasingly favored by young people. Recently, some DIY stickers have become popular on social media. Can you believe that those DIY designs are made with UV DTF printers?

UV printing - The rising printing technology

A few years ago, you must have never heard of UV printers. But now it is a household name. UV flat-panel printers first appeared more than ten years ago, but occupied most of the printing market in a short time. But UV DTF printing is a relatively new technology. The pattern can be pressed and pasted onto the object within 20 seconds, and then the pattern will be permanently printed on the object. Unlike sublimation and screen printing, UV DTF printing is a novel technology with simple production process. UV DTF printing is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

UV printing is becoming popular and its application range is expanding. UV printer can print on organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, leather and other objects. Any object with regular or irregular shape can also be printed. The patterns, logos and characters of various colors and hard materials can be easily handled. There is no need for plate making, color coating and complex drying procedures, and there is no damage to the material surface.

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