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UV DTF stickers - a popular industry in the market

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In the new consumer era, appearance is more concerned by consumers than product quality.UV DTF printer can help you achieve this goal.Good packaging design can reflect the temperament and image of the product. It can also become a brand logo and improve brand awareness. In addition to good design, selecting high-quality printing technology can make product packaging more effective with less effort.

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Since 2021, the UV DTF sticker market has been booming. Its popularity has also improved. More three-dimensional and advanced appearance gradually replaced some advertising label stickers. More and more consumers have gradually recognized it. With the improvement of printing technology, the threshold of UV DTF sticker customization is getting lower and lower. UV stickers are also more well-known in the market, and the market prospect will be unlimited!

According to the characteristics of the ink, the hard surface is the best place for UV stickers. When applied to the surface of hard materials, UV DTF paste has the best adhesion. Such as glass, metal and wood. And as the hardness of the material increases, it will become better. However, clothing is the best example of soft fabrics. UV ink is the main component of UV stickers and is not suitable for printing on clothes. Therefore, UV DTF paste is easy to peel off from clothes, and the paste effect is not perfect. Therefore, we recommend applying UV DTF stickers to solid materials instead of soft materials. Another suggestion is that UV DTF stickers on hard material surfaces have the best performance.

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