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Tips to properly maintain DTF printers in winter

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2023 has entered winter. Some customers have reported to us that DTF printers will have ink flying in winter. Therefore, before the printer performs printing tasks in winter, friends from the manufacturer should conduct a printing test in advance. Pay attention to see if it can print normally and whether the printing status of the nozzle is normal.After that,you can  perform the printing task.

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Generally,in winter,we recommend customers to use air conditioners to increase the indoor temperature. In this way, the working temperature of the printer can be maintained at the most suitable temperature. Then carry out the printing task to achieve the perfect effect.As we all know, the weather in winter is relatively dry.Therefore, after ensuring the temperature at work,it is also necessary to adjust the humidity of the working environment. A place that is too dry is also not conducive to printing work.

Winter is relatively dry, so it is very easy to cause static electricity.Due to the humidity is far below the standard (40%-60%) required by the equipment.So the printer is also prone to static electricity. The damage of static electricity will affect the printing effect in the slightest.What is more, the print head will be scrapped,the circuit board will be burned, and the progress of the work will be affected. Therefore, the use of printers must be protected against static electricity. Excessive electrostatic induction will increase the wear of the DTF printer, and will also cause damage to the nozzles. The print head of DTF printing machines have a service life and are expensive. Thus,the printing production in winter should be carried out in a humidified environment.This will not only help the product quality, but also protect the print head of the DTF printing machine. It is also related to the effect of DTF printing.

The above are tips of maintenance DTF printers in winter. Sublicool provides you with the most professional DTF printer and printing solutions. Welcome to contact us.

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