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The Act Of Protecting Flatbed Uv Printers

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If we use and maintain flatbed UV printer correctly, it can work for a long time.However,because of all the inaccurate operations, its service life is greatly shortened.Today,I  summarize some behaviors that are most likely to damage the UV printer.In this regard,I hope I can remind you to take some measures to prolong the service life.

1.Disassemble the circuit of the printer at will without turning off the power switch.This practice will damage the service life of each system and damage the sprinkler head.

2.Randomly add different batches of ink or use unqualified ink or cleaner.Two different configurations of ink will change its color and quality.Poor quality ink can interfere with printing and clog the printheads.Also,poor quality cleaning fluids may corrode the print head.

3.Do not vigorously clean the nozzle with a high-pressure air gun.If the nozzle is slightly clogged,use a vacuum cleaner to flush out the dust.Then perform a detailed cleaning.

4.Do not soak the whole nozzle in the cleaning solution The cleaning fluid is somewhat corrosive.Therefore,usually only use an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid to clean the nozzle.

5. Do not use brute force to adjust the direction of the nozzle. Whether replacing or fine-tuning the printhead, do not use violence. Be careful with the printheads.

6. Take care to protect circuit boards and other internal systems when cleaning. Turn off the power when cleaning, and be careful not to let water touch the circuit boards and other internal systems.

Whether it is normal maintenance or printing operation, we should pay attention to it. Protect our UV printer to make it work better. Sublicool UV DTF printer is of high quality and reasonable price. Welcome everyone to come to consult

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