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Several Actions That May Harm The Print Head Of A DTF Printer

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DTF PET film printing machine head is expensive.If the operator uses and maintains it correctly,it can prolong its life.However,due to incorrect operation,the nozzle may be blocked.Therefore,when we perform printing operations,we must pay attention not to the following actions.

1.Add different batches of ink at will,or use inferior ink. Mixing two different inks will change the color and quality of the ink It will also affect the printing effect and clog the nozzle.

2.Clean the print head vigorously with a high-pressure air gun. If the print head is slightly clogged, vacuum the dust and then clean it carefully.

3.Pay attention to protect the circuit board and other internal systems when cleaning.First of all,turn off the power when cleaning.Also,don't let water splash on the circuit boards and other internal systems of the DTF printer.

4.Without turning off the power switch and cutting off the printer power,install and remove the circuit at will.This behavior will affect the service life of a single system and endanger the print head.

5.Soak the entire print head in the cleaning solution.The cleaning fluid is somewhat corrosive.Generally,you only need to inject an appropriate amount into the nozzle and clean it.

Avoid these behaviors,and your DTF printer machine can maintain its normal working life.Similarly,this will save you time and money and enable you to focus on the business itself.

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