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Print Your Football Jersey By Sublimation Printing

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 19, 2022. At that time, this world-famous event will surely attract the attention of countless people. Under the influence of economic globalization, this sports event has brought huge business opportunities for the sports industry of various countries. Football jerseys, fan scarves, national flags and other commodities are the most popular products. Now, it is less than a week before the opening of the World Cup. Are you ready to print a jersey of the country or player you support?

What printing method should be used for printing? Sublimation printing, DTF printing and screen printing are common processes for making jerseys. Among them, the most widely used is sublimation printing.Sublimation printing jersey is cost-effective in large quantities. Compared with screen printing, it has a faster production process, lower cost and the highest retail quality. In recent years, with the expansion of market demand, garment manufacturers have increasingly high requirements for printers and consumables, which has promoted the progress of thermal sublimation technology.

Sportswear fabrics are usually made from high-performance textiles. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are elastic, light in weight, sweat wicking and durable.Sublimation printing is an ideal choice for printing on these fabrics, which are most commonly used in sportswear, such as football shirts, basketball jerseys, running vests, e-sports uniforms, etc.

To complete the sublimation printing of a football shirt, you only need to go through 3 simple steps.

1.Select the print pattern. Create your jersey design with software compatible with your printer.

2.Print your design. Use the sublimation printer to print the pattern you want to print onto the transfer paper.

3.Transfer the pattern to the shirt. Use a heat press machine to transfer the pattern to the T-shirt. Make sure to arrange the transfer paper on the T-shirt for best performance.

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