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Precautions for using sublimation ink in winter

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After entering winter, the temperature begins to drop and the weather is cold.The storage and use of ink is very important if the printer wants to output ink continuously and stably for a long time. Today, Subicool sorts out some knowledge about the storage and use of dye sublimation ink in winter.

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Pay attention to temperature when storing printer ink in winter. The best temperature for storing ink is 15℃ - 30℃. Therefore, we recommend that you store the sublimation printer ink in a warm room.If conditions permit, air conditioning can be installed indoors to maintain indoor temperature.

The use of ink is also particularly important. We should do the following.

1. Correctly identify the type of ink used by the printer. Prevent mistaking the ink type and adding the wrong ink;

2. Add different colors of ink correctly. Recognize CMYK logo, and do not add wrong color and ink mixing;

3. When adding ink to the ink cartridge or continuous ink supply system, relevant auxiliary tools can be used. Avoid ink overflow when adding ink directly;

4. If the ink cartridge has sediment or other dirt, please replace it in time. Or take down the ink cartridge, wash it clean, dry it, and then put it back for refilling.

5. Pay attention to the ink capacity of the ink cartridge at any time when the printer is working. Avoid empty printing due to insufficient ink of sublimation printer

6. When adding ink to the printer cartridge, be careful not to fill it up. About 80% is just right. It is best to add ink when the ink margin is more than 10%.

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