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Maintenance Skills of DTF Printer Print Head

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The service life of the print head of the DTF printer is a concern of many printing manufacturers. The print head is the core component of the DTF inkjet printer, which is expensive. If used irregularly, it will shorten the service life of the print head, thereby increasing the overall production cost of printing. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of the print head is what everyone in the digital printing industry needs to know.

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1. Before printing, first confirm the condition of the print head. If it is not used for a long time, the operator needs to clean the print head, seal it and keep it well. Avoid ink solidification and hardening, clogging the print head.

2. Clean the print head regularly to ensure the print head is unblocked.After the DTF printer completes the printing task, the whole machine needs to be cleaned. Then cover it with a dust cover to prevent dust from entering the machine and clogging the print head.

3. It is necessary to ensure the storage environment of the ink. To prevent ink from deteriorating due to low temperature, normal operating procedures should be followed. This will protect the print head and ink.

4. Use high quality original ink. Good ink and equipment complement each other and can prolong the life of the print head. In addition, good quality ink will make the picture output by the printer closer to the original picture, resulting in better printing effect.

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