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Is direct to garment printing sustainable?

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There are so many printing methods in the world, such as screen printing,sublimation printing and DTG printing. But today people need to manufacture textiles using processes that comply with the environmental standards of the textile industry. Thereby paving the way for more sustainable clothing production.

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Textile printing and dyeing is the second largest source of fresh water pollution in the world. Its waste is unexpected, especially as consumers change clothing more frequently to keep up with the latest trends.However, not all new technologies have a negative impact on the environment.DTG is a more environmentally friendly method of digitally printing images onto cotton textiles.

While the DTG printing method produces the same type of output, it uses more environmentally friendly ingredients. Thereby a change to a more sustainable program can be made. Here's why DTG printing is a viable long-term option.

The printing process is a combination of mechanical and chemical systems working together.DTG printing appears to be a simple procedure. It uses water-based biodegradable ink that is easy to clean with water. It is superior to other types of ink because it does not contain plastics such as polyvinyl chloride(PVC).These plastics contain harmful chemical additives that evaporate into the atmosphere over time.

DTG printing uses inkjet technology and uses less water than screen printing. Because it uses a printer that transfers the ink directly to the shirt. Screen printing, on the other hand, requires some cleaning of the printing crew, screen, and other materials used. However, DTG produces less waste and water due to direct inkjet printing.

To make a garment of the same high quality, it has to be made in the same way. Since screen printing is done by hand, there is a chance that a similar print will not be produced. Its printing process has many variables, all of which lead to different printed results. But with direct to garment printers, you don't have to worry about other variables. Because it uses digital files and prints directly from the computer. The effect produced by this printing process is completely consistent.

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