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Is DTG Printer Environmental Friendly?

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Textile DTG printer is rapidly becoming one of the most convenient clothing production methods.But what exactly is DTG printing? DTG printing uses more sustainable products when producing the same type of products.So we can turn to safer and more environmentally friendly processes.The following are the reasons why DTG printing may become a long-term solution.

1. DTG printing machine uses water-based ink.

The printing process is a mechanical and chemical system that works together.Although this seems to be a simple process,DTG printing uses water-based ink,which is easy to clean with water.It differs from other types of ink in that it does not contain PVC and other plastics.These plastics contain toxic and dangerous chemical additives that will volatilize into the air over time.

2. Low water consumption

DTG printing uses inkjet technology and less water.Because it uses a printer that paints ink directly on the shirt.This is different from screen printing.The latter requires staff to clean the screen and other materials used.It is different from other printers based on plastisol.Because of direct inkjet printing,it generates less waste and water.

3. Machine environmental protection

DTG is a kind of digital printing technology.Some companies that develop DTG advocate environment-friendly practices such as water conservation.For example,Sublicool new A3 DTG printer uses digital technology to achieve high-quality printing without water.In addition to the possibilities currently available in the textile industry.It also supports a new method of mass production of clothing.

4. DTG printing is harmless to human

In addition,the production of DTG printing and the ink it uses will not harm human.The printing process is not limited to cotton shirts. Many enterprises and designers are already using them for custom printing on fabrics,wood and canvas.However, the manufacturer should carefully select the materials to  print to reduce the harm to the environment.

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