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Is DTF printing eco-friendly?

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Recently, a friend asked me why I said that DTF printers are very environmentally friendly? What does it mean to be waste-free? Today I will tell you about it.

To know whether a Pet film DTF printer is eco-friendly, first of all, we have to talk about its working principle. The traditional printing process requires a lot of water, and the waste liquid and waste water produced have caused great pollution to the environment and brought many troubles to people's lives. In the traditional printing process, a large amount of wastewater needs to be discharged, and the impact on the surrounding environment is also very large.

Unlike the traditional printing process, DTF printing does not require complicated plate making. During the entire printing process, no water is used, and no staff is required to prepare color paste. This work is set by the machine, and after the ink cartridges are installed, the printing mode can be started. Then the machine will distribute the amount of ink according to the needs, and print the ink directly on the DTF transfer film, and then transfer it to the clothing.

During the whole DTF printing process, the dye produced during the mixing process is avoided. Therefore, there is no discharge of dye solution and paste, and no pollutants will appear. Compared with traditional printing methods, DTF printing is more environmentally friendly. Because there is no waste discharge, factories can be built anywhere without affecting the surrounding environment.

Now many printing manufacturers have realized the safety and environmental protection of DTF printing, and its application is becoming more and more extensive.Manufacturers can use it for mass production or small batch customization. It can not only meet the needs of manufacturers in an all-round way, but also meet the personalized needs of modern consumers.

DTF printing is conducive to promoting the industry's transformation to green environmental protection. The DTF process also makes the garment printing industry more scientific, environmentally friendly, fast and diversified.

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