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How to save sublimation transfer ink?

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Do you often feel that your sublimation printer ink is used up too quickly?In fact, as a daily consumable for printing,it is normal to use a large amount of ink.But don't worry,Sublicool will give you tips on how to save ink.

1. Correctly set the print mode

The printing method is correct,and the defective rate of the product is low.Effectively reducing the defective rate can avoid repeated printing,thereby reducing ink consumption.In addition,the amount of ink consumed by printing is directly proportional to the print quality and resolution.In daily printing,we cannot simply pursue high precision, but choose the appropriate printing method according to the actual situation.

2. Correctly replace the ink

When the remaining amount of ink cartridge reaches a certain critical value,the machine will issue an ink shortage prompt. Because we need to wash the ink before replacing it, and washing will waste ink.So at this time we can continue to print until the ink is almost used up before adding.However,the operator must always pay attention to the ink bottle to avoid the sublimation printer idling.

3. Reduce the number of power on and off

Every time the printer is turned on,it must initialize the printer and automatically clean the print head.It also fills the ink supply system with ink. This process requires a certain amount of ink.For small batches and orders without urgent requirements, we can try our best to print them together.This not only saves ink,but also improves work efficiency.

In general,it is the most important to select the appropriate sublimation transfer ink.Sublicool specializes in producing high quality sublimation inks at reasonable prices. Customers are welcome to purchase.

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