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How to operate sublimation printer correctly?

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The large format sublimation printer is not only a precise mechanical equipment, but also a complex electronic machine. Its internal structure has a precision print head.It is necessary to avoid mechanical collision and vibration as well as dust in the air.In addition,it also contains CPU, memory, hard disk and other complex electronic components.

These things are not only very sensitive to static electricity,but also should avoid contact with moist air.Therefore,the user's operation method is the factor that determines whether the printer can work normally Here are some suggestions for users.

In order for the printer to print beautiful color images, it must work at its best. The condition for keeping the best condition for a long time is to use according to the regulations. Although the use of thermal sublimation printer is not complicated. However, users still need to develop the habit of strictly following the instructions.

In particular,we should develop the correct habit of switching on and off the machine. For users,switching on and off is the simplest operation.But it is also the most important maintenance measure.There are many control keys and a power key on the printer panel.The power switch is not directly connected to the external power supply, but controls the external power supply by itself.

System initialization is required each time the printer is turned on or off.These initialization tasks include positioning and resetting the print head and paper.Check whether the printer top cover is closed,add ink to the ink cartridge,and automatically clean the print.When the power switch is turned on, the system can correctly position the print head and paper after initialization.When the system is shut down, the print head and paper will be reset automatically after initialization. 

This not only ensures the normal operation of the printer,but also reduces the failure rate.It can also extend the service life of the sublimation printer. As a result, the cost of consumables and equipment maintenance is reduced, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.Users should pay attention to that when plugging in the power cord.Must place it in an inaccessible place.Avoid accidentally dropping the power cord instead of shutting down normally.

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