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How to make sublimation printer work better?

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Sublimation printers come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, depending on industrial or home production use. However, you cannot rely on the printer to print automatically. Only by doing a good job of maintaining the printer can your machine print better. Here are 5 tips to keep your sublimation printer running smoothly:

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1. Regularly clean the nozzle:

Printhead clogging is a common problem with all sublimation printers. Therefore, the most important aspect is to keep the print head clean. If you print regularly, you can easily clean the printhead by running ink through the nozzle tip. After the print head is cleaned, check the printed pattern to confirm that the problem is resolved. If not, repeat the same printhead cleaning procedure to remove clogged ink from the nozzle tips.

2. Prevent ink waste in printing presses:

Sublimation printer maintenance can lead to excessive waste of ink. When cleaning the machine every day, a certain amount of ink needs to be used. As we discussed above, use a puff of ink to clean the nozzle tip. So you can keep separate storage containers or built-in containers. You need to take the necessary steps to manage ink waste.

3. Effect of temperature on sublimation ink:

Sublimation inks require certain temperature and humidity specifications for proper dry storage. The recommended storage temperature range for sublimation inks is 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity should be greater than 35%. However, too much humidity can cause moisture to accumulate on the transfer paper and substrate. This will affect the image quality after sublimation. Therefore, you must maintain the proper temperature and humidity in your workplace.

4. Keep the studio clean:

Try to keep the studio clean and dust-free, especially during printing. If there is dust or moisture on the transfer paper, it will affect the print quality. You'll get a low-quality, dull image. Even, in extreme cases, the image will be blurred. Once the transfer paper falls on the floor and collects dust, it can no longer be printed on.

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