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How to choose high quality DTF ink?

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Since the DTF printing process became known to the public, the related consumables of DTF printing have also become more popular. Today Sublicool will introduce to you how important is high quality DTF ink to printing? And from what aspects we should choose the right ink.

First of all, when users choose DTF ink, they must choose high-quality original ink from the manufacturer. In order to achieve the effect of printing patterns, the ink must meet the requirements of smooth printing. In addition, inks with good weather resistance, water resistance, light resistance, and colorfastness can be called high-quality inks.

Different print heads must be matched with suitable ink.Otherwise it will affect the printing image effect and cause damage to the nozzles. Unsuitable inks will inevitably have uneven ink concentrations of various colors. This will cause color difference in the printed picture. At the same time, different types of inks also have certain requirements for different printing media. We also need to choose the corresponding ink for different printing materials.

DTF printing is green and environmentally friendly, so the ink it uses is also environmentally friendly. The material of DTF printing ink is directly compatible with the clothes we wear.So the safety and environmental performance of the ink must pass the test. Not only can it not pollute the environment, but also can not cause any harm to people's health.

The above are several aspects that must be paid attention to when choosing DTF ink. At present, the DTF ink manufacture on the market is extremely complicated, whether it is original ink or compatible ink. The correct selection of ink and the correct maintenance of the printing head are issues that cannot be ignored by every DTF printing manufacturer.

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