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How to Test The Quality of DTF PET Film?

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DTF PET Films on the digital printing market are various.Including matte film,golden film,glitter film,colorful film,etc.With the increase of DTF membrane,there must be some problems in membrane transfer.However,The following are some common suggestions for testing the quality of PET film.

1.Moderate heat pressing

According to the material and characteristics of the substrate, select the appropriate heat transfer machine and conditions for heat pressing.When the heat transfer film transfers, the pattern transfer can be complete.If the tightness of the peel base film is moderate,it is qualified.This method is applicable to hot peel and cold peel.

2.Press discoloration

You should select appropriate printing equipment and auxiliary tools.Then,test the printing materials of the printed materials.If there is no obvious discoloration on the surface of the transfer product,it is qualified.

3.Adhesion test

Adhesion is the key factor affecting the quality of DTF heat transfer film.It is the combination of heat transfer pattern and product materials.The two interface molecules are in close contact, resulting in a new interface layer.Some customers have special requirements for adhesion and need to conduct tape test. Tape test generally refers to pasting transparent tape on the transfer surface.Next,pull upward at 45°or  60°(specific angle) for 2-3 times without falling off.It is judged as qualified.

4.Washing test

We need to wash the product with some samples before delivery. The standard of water washing test must be determined according to the customer's requirements.Under normal conditions,we should wash it in water for at least 3 times.After washing, the product surface is qualified if there is no discoloration, fading,warping,etc.

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