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How long can DTG printing last?

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In today's printing market,DTG printing is becoming popular. Many businesses will use DTG to print clothes.Then,some people wonder how long DTG printing can last? Is the quality of DTG printing good?

In fact, direct to garment printing is a wonderful way to make lasting prints on clothing.You may hear that the industry standard for printed clothes is to wash them 50 times.Therefore, DTG printing can only be washed about 50 times. This is not true. Actually,the life of printing is more affected by many other factors.Including wearing frequency,washing temperature, type of detergent,etc.In fact, no fixed number of washings will cause the printing to fade or wear.DTG printing usually has the same life span as the clothing itself.

DTG technology can adapt to cotton materials and even natural fibers.DTG printers have larger nozzles and special inks that can directly bond materials.

DTG printer can print various designs in various colors. This printing process is accurate and produces the highest quality results.Compared with other printing technologies,DTG ink will not be completely absorbed into the cloth.With DTG printing, you won't miss any details. And the printed product will be the same as you want.

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