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How does sublimation printer work?

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Nowadays, many printing factories choose sublimation printing. Sublimation printing has also become the mainstream of clothing printing.But do you know how a dye sublimation printer works?

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Sublimation ink is a kind of water-based ink.When heating, it will change into gas without leaving the liquid. The gas version of ink can easily combine with polyester molecules and dye the molecules.So that the design can be transferred without problems.

Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer ink to the fabric of your choice.You select a design and print it on special paper. Because sublimation ink is a water-based ink dye.It will change into a gas without leaving the liquid.The gas of ink can easily combine with polyester molecules and dye them.This allows the design to transfer without problems.

When the ink becomes a gas,it binds to the fabric molecules and is permanently printed on it.Ink is glued to the fabric fibers rather than simply coated on them.So the effect is permanent and will not fade easily.

Sublimation printing is similar to tattoo.But the ink prints on the fabric, not on your skin. When the fabric is heated, the pores open. Pressure turns the ink into a gas, which is then cooled to a solid form. At this point,the design you select has successfully transferred to the fabric.

The final print will be a permanent full-color design. It will not crack, peel or wash off the fabric.The sublimation process converts the water-based ink dye from solid to gas.This conversion occurs due to the heat and pressure exerted on it.This fast printing method has become a popular digital printing method.It is also a popular choice for small batch printing orders.Especially for those manufacturers who want to carry out fine printing on fabrics.

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