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Four reasons for more and more people to choose DTF printing

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Today, the DTF printing market has a bright future. With the use of high-precision, multi-function DTF printers, this emerging new technology has promoted the development of the printing market. So, why can DTF printing machines occupy so many printing markets in such a short time? Next, I will take you to master the secrets here.

1. Increased demand for specialization: 

This technology can meet the individual requirements of consumers to the greatest extent. For consumers, they can design patterns according to their own ideas, and can change them at will on the computer. The effect displayed on the computer is the actual effect after the finished product. After the customer is satisfied, it can be printed directly.

2. The process is more mature: 

DTF printing only needs a computer, a DTF printer with powder shaker, a heat press and the required consumables. It saves a lot of labor costs, and completes the real plateless printing, which can achieve mass production and small-scale printing at the same time. Manufacturers can flexibly adjust funds according to the size of their business. At the same time, it also assists enterprises to increase more and more cooperation opportunities and profits.

3. Broader market application: 

DTF printer pet film printer can print a lot of materials. The common ones are clothes, pants, hats, shoes and so on. In addition, in addition to the most common clothing and luggage industry, there are decoration industry, packaging industry, luggage industry and various leather products.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving: 

no industrial waste, DTF printer is controlled by computer system. Print on demand, neither waste resources nor cause any pollution to the environment. No working noise is caused during the printing process, and the pollution-free and environmentally friendly printing process is completed.

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