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Does DTF printing have any requirements for dark and light colored fabrics?

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DTF printing process is currently the most popular garment printing process in the printing market.Because of its wide range of applications,basically it can print on all fabrics.So does the craft have requirements for dark and light colored fabrics? Sublicool will explain to you.

In fact,DTF printing has no requirements for dark and light colored fabrics.It prints the color pattern first,and then covers a layer of white ink on the color pattern.Such approach can increase the vividness of the color of the pattern.And this highlights the realistic effect of the entire pattern.At the same time,this can also ensure that the pattern displays perfectly on any color of fabric.

Of course,if the pattern is mostly white,it is not suitable for use on all-white fabrics.For example,black patterns cannot be directly stamped on black fabrics.The overlapping of black and black gives people a bad feeling.However,white works very well on black fabrics as well as other colored fabrics.

DTF printing can print on almost all fabrics.Such as knitting,textile,nylon,and Oxford cloth.In addition,it can press silk,polyester printed fabrics.There is no problem in customizing cotton T-shirts, sweaters, and sportswear.Because of the wide range of applications of it,many printing manufacturers use DTF printing machines to conduct business.

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