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Digital printing takes the lead in the era of personalized customization

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Do you know?In fact,from the 3rd century BC,people at that time had already started printing on textiles.It's just that the technical level at that time is not comparable to the current technical level.However,it is undeniable that printing customization was very popular at that time.People are also more attractive patterns on fabrics to meet the needs of personalized customization.

Digital printing technology has experienced a lot since its development.The continuous advancement of technology has led to the reduction of costs.This also ushered in the golden age of digital printing.In 2016,the total printing area of digital printing fabrics exceeded 900 million square meters.It generated a value of more than $1.3 billion.Moreover,since 2016,the development of digital printing technology has also maintained continuous growth.According to speculation,the total amount of digital printing will reach nearly 3 billion this year.

As the current development direction of the printing industry, this technology has always followed the development pulse of the industry.Grasp the favorable market of digital printing and open up new business opportunities.On this basis,the development of the printing industry has made the entire market constantly changing.In fact,with the changes in market consumer demand,printing customization has developed from traditional printing to digital printing.The custom consumption concept of fast fashion is very in line with the current social development. Unrestricted and energy-efficient customized technology is more in line with current needs.

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