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Digital Printing Solution for Cotton Fabric

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So far, digital printing has been applied to many fields. In turn, with the continuous progress of technology, its existence has also led more economic entities to enter the corresponding industries. Unfortunately, digital printing cannot be applied to the surface of fabrics made of plant fibers. This obvious application limitation has also caused some difficulties for its further promotion. At this time, many people are asking, "Can digital printing be used on cotton fabrics? How to operate it?"

First of all, the choice of ink in digital printing is very important. Old sublimation ink, also known as dispense dyes, is difficult to be absorbed by cotton fibers. Therefore, if this ink is used to color cotton fabrics, they can be easily washed off.

Secondly, the process of digital printing is different from that of all cotton fabric printing. As for the former, the pattern was originally printed on sublimated paper rather than fabric. For the latter, the procedures adopted include: pattern design; Immersing the fabric in the starch solution; Dry fabric; Use high-temperature steam to fix color; Wash the fabric. It is worth noting that the fourth and fifth steps are always followed up, because this is one of the key processes for enterprises to obtain a garment with clear patterns and prevent it from fading.

In fact, it is difficult to print patterns on cotton fabrics through digital printing. The best solution to this situation is to use reactive disperse dyes or adjust the digital inkjet printing process.

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