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Digital DTF Printers - Higher Return on Investment

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Nowadays, many customers want to start DTF printing. Because it is more flexible and faster than traditional printing. Therefore,the profit margin is also large.But you still need to know something, which can help you get a faster return on investment.

If you can provide enough printed materials for customers,you will be able to recover your investment fairly quickly.Most digital DTF printers have low cost of consumables.So you can quickly adjust your business to maximize revenue.And without sacrificing quality or production planning.Using multiple printers can help reduce production time problems, but be sure to be prepared in advance to avoid excessive investment.

Sublicool DTF Printer

Versatility may be the biggest major advantage of DTF printing. Using different substrates gives you more opportunities to expand your customer base.Polyester,rayon and silk are all perfect materials.In contrast,DTG ink is only suitable for clothes with a cotton content of at least 50%.And on other substrates,ink may not be absorbed by the substrate.Or there is a risk that the printing matter will crack after the washing cycle.Another competitor,dye sublimation.You can use it on natural fiber clothes.But you must pretreat the clothes with a polymer coating in advance.

However,the adaptability of DTF is not limited to this.You don't even have to limit yourself to printing on clothes.Why don't you stick your transfer on water bottles,signs and other items? It's easy to transfer your design to almost any surface. Whether they are flat or curved.

Furthermore, why not save hundreds of films of this design for future use? Just put them in a folder or other secure storage space for future use.If kept properly,your pictures will not accumulate dust.In this way,you can reuse or even sell these finished products to interested buyers in the future.

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