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Differences between UV DTF printing and DTF printing

Views: 0     Author: Sublicool     Publish Time: 2022-12-26      Origin: Site

Due to many demanding printing applications,traditional DTF printers are no longer able to meet the needs of many customers. Including fast processing,abrasion resistance,and even printing on hard surfaces.Therefore,a printing technology called UV DTF was born to fill the gap left by traditional printing.UV DTF printers also have shortcomings when it comes to addressing unmet customer needs.For example,if the object has a bevel,it will be difficult for UV DTF printing to print it accurately.

UV DTF printing provides a more creative and ingenious solution to the problems left by DTF printing.UV DTF printers first print on PET film instead of directly on the object surface.Because DTF printers cannot print on inclined planes.Even if the surface of the object is uneven.When the powder and heat pressing process is complete,your design will still apply to it.However,DTF printers currently mainly apply to printing on textiles and leather.

However,due to the different types of ink and the lack of UV DTF printing technology.Therefore,the pattern color brightness of DTF printing is slightly lower.While DTF printers are good at printing on materials like leather and textiles. However,their print quality on other substrates is not as high as that of UV DTF printers.As a result,people combine the advantages of UV printers and DTF printers to produce UV DTF printers.This kind of printer can not only print on the surface that DTF and UV printing can't print.It can also print high-quality patterns with fine precision.

We all know that different kinds of printers are available to meet the needs of the printing industry.However, printers are becoming more and more specialized in their respective fields. But the price is fewer and fewer features.UV DTF printer customers cannot avoid the lamination process.Even UV DTF printers are excellent and have similar advantages to both DTF and UV printers.So we think the next big thing in this market will be the ability to combine multiple print types.Demand for customers will only increase during the post-pandemic economic recovery.That's why we need more powerful and efficient printers.

Therefore, Sublicool launches a high-efficiency flatbed UV DTF printer. It combines the advantages of UV printer and DTF printer. Customers are welcome to come to consult.

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